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Thoughts on ConfigMgr 2012 CEP Theme 4 Webcast

This post is to collect my thoughts around Theme 4.  Hierarchy is a big part of my work life these days in ConfigMgr 2007 so this was definitely a meeting that I wanted to join.  It looks like from the Attendee count that it is not so important to others.  In general, the attendee count has dropped as Theme presentations have occurred.  I hope that those that have forgotten or lost interest would tune in to future Themes.

Technical Notes from the Theme...

- Looks like we will have to wait until Q1 of 2011 for the Beta 2 bits.  This is unfortunate since I've really wanted to get my hands onto the Beta 2 code that they have been using in the Themes.  Additionally, my company won't allow us to run a TAP with Beta code so I can't get it within the TAP realm either.

- D.C. says they are taking a "bet" on SQL replication.  I thought SQL replication was pretty sound.

- Interesting to see that inventory can be set up to go directly to the CAS.  That will prove useful.

- Nice to see that the proxy MP and DP roles are bundled in the Secondary Site install.  Who doesn't use the Proxy MP role on a secondary anyway.

- Hmmm, the CAS apparently has to be a new server.  Our 2007 hierarchy is already set to have an informal central site above several primaries so that will be interesting to see how to handle that migration.

- In the Customer Profile 1, the sales office goes from a branch DP to a full DP in 2012.  Why not just BranchCache?  I know, I know--that would need Win 7 on the PC's.

- On the Replication slide, are these data types going to become standard SCCM nomenclature?  If so, then that's something else new to remember for the 2012 exam.

- I'm hoping that the SQL replication will work more cleanly than the current model in 2007.  That has caused me some major issues in just the past few months.

- Very smart--collections are evaluated globally.  This will aid in software deployments that span the hierarchy.

- I'm glad to see that RBA will be controlled from the CAS.  Management of admins will be easier now.

- Seeing the client agent setting changes is great but why not also give us group policy settings to do the same thing?

- I like the Sites Monitoring page that gives a nice concise view of site health. 

- No more processing at each site that data is sent to. 

That concludes my takeaway from the webcast. Apologies for the comment disjointedness but I was working on some other things through the meeting.


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