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Configuration Manager 2012 Hierarchy Deployment

So I finished the lab in preparation for the ConfigMgr v.Next (or rather 2012) Community Eval Program Theme 4 and I'm not really seeing much different from how an enterprise-scale infrastructure is set up in ConfigMgr 2007.  Sure, you don't have the Central site name nomenclature today but many SCCM architects unofficially call them that today anyway.  I tweeted as I did the lab that it would be quite nice to have the 2012 install process automatically check during the installation for AD schema extensions.  This would be a nice-to-have feature for someone setting up a new SCCM 2012 infrastructure.  I'm thinking the install program could just run a PowerShell script to check against AD for schema extension presence and prompt for installing them if needed.  I think this would only be necessary during a Central Site installation/upgrade scenario but, and I may be wrong here, I don't think there are any differences between 2007 and 2012 schema extensions.  Anyone that knows any different, then comment below.  Also, if this script check for schema extensions were in, the user installing SCCM and the server would obviously need appropriate rights in AD for schema editing rights.  If I had enough time, I would consider coding it myself if it were going to be used a lot.

The rest of the process is pretty straightforward for those of us that have set up multi-site infrastructures.  Obviously, the differences mainly revolve around the change of interface from the MMC to the wunderbar console.  The fact is that you can set up a central-primary-secondary site server setup within two hours provided that Server 08 R2 has all of its special settings and SQL Server is already installed on the central and primary servers.  So, ok, maybe four hours...


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