Outlook - How do I empty the Sync Issues\Local Failures folder in Outlook?

So your mailbox at work keeps filling up and you get these messages from your Exchange admin saying you need to clean up your mailbox.  Problem is, even though you have 50MB of space (or whatever) you don't have 50MB of emails in your mailbox.  You archive regularly, you delete stuff you don't need, you empty the Deleted Items folder, etc., but it still feels like this is filling up too quickly.  When you look at the Folder Size dialog, you may notice some folders which you can't normally see.  Folders like:
Sync Issues
Sync Issues\Conflicts
Sync Issues\Local Failures

OK...how do you reclaim the space when you can't see the folders?  I keep reading people say "It's visible in Folders List"...OK, what does that mean?  I came from a Lotus Notes shop, so I'm kind of an Outlook lightweight...I look through the menu and I don't see anything that says Folders List, I look through the list of things on the left pane and I only see MAIL, CALENDAR, CONTACTS, TASKS...so now what?  Doesn't anybody include any detail anymore?  Apparently not as many people as I'd like.

Therefore, I decided to write something up myself, in case you're out there wondering where Folders List is and need to see the Sync Issues\Local Failures folder to clean it up yourself.

Because I come from a Notes shop, I don't have an extensive background in all things Outlook.  So I didn't realize that along the left pane there is a little folder looking icon that stands for Folders List:  (I'm using Outlook 2007, your mileage may vary)

OK, fine, I'm a dope.  I can write SQL PIVOT statements in my sleep, but I don't know some of the simplest Outlook things.   Fine.  But I'm clearly not the only one or I wouldn't have seen so many unanswered forum posts on this exact same subject.

So, once you click on Folder List, you will see all the rest of the folders and can open and review messages there and delete them when you're done. 


Well there you go.  Now you can clean up all that extra space that's cluttering your mailbox.  Have fun with that.

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Published Wednesday, July 22, 2009 1:34 PM by jnelson


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