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Iambic releases free RSS reader for Pocket PC, Smartphones and Palm devices

Getting the news and information you want, when you want is a challenge these days --especially when you are pressed for time. TopStory is designed to help you “cut to the chase,” by making it easy to tailor information to fit the criteria that you get to establish. It is the perfect solution for anyone owning a Palm Treo or any other Windows based device that wants to keep informed while on the go.

TopStory works with the popular RSS (Real Simple Syndication) format that is the standard used by news websites, virtual magazines, and blogs to distribute streamlined content (often without graphics that tend to slow things down). RSS is ideal for the on-the-go reading.

More information here.

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Samsung develops 8GB SD card
Samsung Electronics said Wednesday it had developed the world's largest storage-capacity memory card for mobile phones. The eight-gigabyte memory card, microSD, can store some 2,000 MP3 music files, 4,000 photographs or five DVD-quality movie files, the company said in a statement.

It is only a quarter the size of the widely-used and existing SD card but much faster in downloading and uploading multimedia data, it added.  SD cards are largely used for data storage in digital cameras and televisions. Samsung, quoting market researcher Gartner Dataquest, said the global multimedia memory card market would grow 10 percent annually until 2010.

via Yahoo.

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Collection of Windows Mobile Security White Papers
The Device Management and Security (DMSec) team recently produced a series of security booklets. Among the topics you will find:
  • Security Risks in the Mobile Enterprise
  • The Windows Mobile Security Architecture
  • Security Considerations on the Exchange Server
  • Security Considerations within the Corporate Network

There are 2 booklets available online:

Security Considerations for Windows Mobile Messaging in the Enterprise

Security Model for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6

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Discover the Value Windows Mobile Can Deliver to your Business
The Windows Mobile Business Value Calculator gives you immediate visibility into the impact of deploying mobile business solutions on the Windows Mobile platform. Using a company's unique information, such as number of mobile workers or types of applications to be mobilized, and summary data from IDC, the Business Value Calculator allows you to quantify the benefits and the direct and indirect costs of deploying mobile line-of-business applications, including measurable impact on revenue and income, operating expense savings, productivity enhancements, and other strategic business improvements. The resulting value metrics will help you build the business case for choosing Windows Mobile as the standard platform across your organization.
So, just how much of an impact can Windows Mobile have on your business? The answer is just a few clicks away.

Business Value Calculator
Motorola announces Q8 and Q9

Q8 you say?  I’ve heard of the Q9, but what’s this with the Q8?  The Q9 is the UMTS/HSDPA, probably soon to be announced on the new AT&T (and available in Italy soon), and the Q8 is the GSM/EDGE version.  Why would an OEM release a GSM device today that is only EDGE capable, particularly when they are also releasing a UMTS/HSDPA version?

Maybe someone who knows Motorola’s roadmap can explain why they did that.  Price point?


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RIM to offer wi-fi Blackberry's?
RIM Senior Vice President David Yach told eWEEK, "Our goal with Wi-Fi then is that Wi-Fi will just work. When you have coverage Wi-Fi will work, and when you don't you'll use something else,".

The company is working with wireless carriers to make the hand-off between an Internet connection via Wi-Fi and a connection via a cellular-wireless network as seamless as possible.

One of the primary comments I hear from Blackberry users is the battery life.  When compared to a Windows Mobile phone, Blackberry’s just manage battery better.  As RIM continues to add feature sets to the Blackberry (like multimedia capabilities in the Pearl), the battery will continue to drain just as fast as a Windows Mobile phone.  Blackberry users will begin to figure out exactly what I’ve been saying for years.  Windows Mobile gives you more functionality, and as you add functionality, battery has to go.  For instance, the Blackberry Pearl now advertises a 3 hour talk time and a 360 hour standby.  The Treo 750 Windows Mobile phone advertises 4 hours of talk time and 360 hours of standby.  Where did the incredible battery life go for the Blackberry?

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Windows Mobile 6 Standard (Smartphone) won't sync with Windows Vista

File synchronization with Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices is only supported by ActiveSync 4.5, not the new Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). As Vista users have to sync their smartphones with WMDC, they don't have access to this feature.

Microsoft’s statement:

Currently, Windows Mobile 6 users can synchronize files between PCs and smartphones with Active Sync 4.5. Microsoft will update Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) on Windows Vista PCs to support file synchronization with Windows Mobile 6 by mid-June. We appreciate our customers continuing to use ActiveSync 4.5 for file synchronization until this update is available and are looking forward to offering the WMDC synchronize option very soon.

However, ActiveSync 4.5 will not install on Windows Vista, so in a round about way, if you have a Windows Mobile 6 standard device (like an upgraded T-Mobile Dash), you won’t be able to sync with Windows Vista until the fix is available.

E-Ten Glofiish owners get free Widnows Mobile 6 upgrade

Windows Mobile 6 upgrade service is only provided to Glofiish X500 and M700 users. Three languages are available: English, French and Russian. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Please register for your Glofiish X500 or M700 before you start the WM6 download process.
2. An Action Key will be sent to your registered email address by the system.
3. Enter your IMEI number and Action Key to start the download.

If you have an X500 or M700, go here.

SQL Mobile Manager

SQL Mobile Manager

Monitor, diagnose and manage performance from a PDA or Windows Mobile Device

  • See performance metrics, process status information and event logs
  • Create and receive custom alerts
  • Take action to quickly fix issues including:
    - Execute TSQL scripts
    - Execute any “cmd”
    - Start and stop services, jobs, or agents
    - Reboot a server

Download a 14–day trial or get more information here.

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HTC buys Dopod
And with that purchase, HTC says to expect 100% growth in Southeast Asia. 

SMARTPHONE designer and manufacturer HTC is betting that its acquisition of its customer Dopod International Corp will help double sales of its devices in the region this year.  Speaking to the regional press at a briefing last Friday, Peter Chou, chief executive and president of High Tech Computer Corp (HTC), said: 'I would not be surprised with 100 per cent growth in South-east Asia this year.'

According to Mr Chou, the Asia region currently accounts for some 10-15 per cent of its revenues. Last year, HTC reported some US$3.16 billion in revenues. Mr Chou expects Asia's contribution to overall revenue will grow in the coming year to about 20 per cent, helped by its acquisition of Dopod.  Last week, HTC announced that it will pay up to US$14.5 million to take over Dopod International's subsidiaries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, India and the Philippines, on July 1, 2007. Notably, Dopod's China operations were excluded from the deal. In May last year, HTC said that it will pay no more than US$150 million for a more than 50 per cent stake in Dopod, including its China operations, and that the deal will be finalised before the end of last year. However, there were no further updates on the deal until last week's announcement.

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Tropic Designs has a Weatherpulse beta update for Windows Vista

I’ve been using WeatherPulse for a long time.  Probably one of the best desktop weather programs available due to high customization options, plus it’s free.  A couple of days ago, they released a beta update that works better with Windows Vista.

2.10 Build1 Beta

New Requirements: Javascript enabled in Internet Explorer

Bug Fixes:
Should now install fine in Windows Vista
Memory use dropped substantially with new Image Viewer


New update.exe
Updated Web Browser components
Image Viewer completely rebuilt
Image viewer now supports dragging image with mouse
Image viewer can now zoom
Can now turn on and off scroll bars in Image Viewer
Now Compiled with Delphi7
Using IE7 browser now
Requires Javascript enabled in your web browser.
Plugin Support finished

Updates and New Installations:

1.) Backup your current WeatherPulse before installing.
2.) Download the new FULL Setup below and install
3.) Load WeatherPulse and go to the settings and double check all fields, TURN OFF AUTO UPGRADING and save.
4.) DO NOT use the upgrade options, since this is a pre-release beta, old files will download.


I'll bet he eats his words...

RIM CEO (or co-CEO) Jim Balsillie said in an interview with EWEEK:

“… the event that shut down e-mail for BlackBerrys in the United States for hours last month was due to "a process thing," and that steps had been taken to ensure that it could never happen again.”

NEVER use the word “never”.  There is no such thing…

What was also interesting in the interview…

“Balsillie did note, however, that it's the responsibility of an enterprise to make sure they have continuity plans for times when important communications paths, including the BlackBerry e-mail, are out of order. He pointed out that RIM was working with customers immediately upon learning of the blackout.

"We had literally hundreds of our top customers on open bridges with ongoing collaboration and communications. So those that were affected had ongoing communications," he said about RIM's support efforts.”

Excuse me?  It now leaves me wondering who the “hundreds of top customers on open bridges” are, and what “immediately” means, because we didn’t get squat.  We heard nothing from them except through press releases.  He’s lost in Alice in Wonderland, or following the white rabbit.  Someone fed him a load of…


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Windows Mobile 6 Documentation

The Windows Mobile 6 docs have been posted.  Read about what’s new, development tools, getting started with development, deploying mobile apps, programming techniques, features, code samples, huge assortment of topics.

Go here for the lot of them.

Comprehensive list of One Note training

Do you use One Note?  Getting the most out of it?  Dan Escapa has put together a good comprehensive list of how to get the most out of One Note.

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Windows Mail we hardly knew ye...

For those of you that have switched to Windows Vista, you may or may not have noticed Outlook Express is gone, and it’s been replaced by Windows Mail.  Well, according to PC World, they’re both out thanks to Windows Live Mail Desktop.

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