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Intellisync acquires PDAapps, Inc.

Just reading through Intellisync’s press release on operating results.  Seems they had a real good quarter, and a real good year.  Further down in the notes, I noticed a blurb that said Intellisync acquired PDAapps, Inc., makers of VeriChat, the mobile instant messaging solution for all Palm OS devices, Pocket PC devices, Symbian devices and RIM Blackberry devices.

Never heard of PDAapps or VeriChat?  It is one of my “must have” apps for my Pocket PC.  I use it to connect to all of my IM clients with ONE client.  No need to launch three or four separate applications.  It’s a great app if you need to “chat” with your PDA.  Just wondering what the impact of this will be for PDAapps.  They currently charge a yearly fee for Verichat.  $24.95 the first year, $19.95 every year thereafter.  Yes, I know, a little pricey but one of those must have’s that I can’t do without.  Hopefully Intellisync will change the pricing model.


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