How to enable OSD with duplicate UUID in Configuration Manager

When you have more then on machine with the same UUID, SCCM will not pick the correct ResourceID when receiving a PXE request but pick last one that was added, therefore advertisements may not be assigned(the no boot actions message) and the variables of another machine might be assigned by mistake. This can occur when the motherboard manufacturer assigns a single UUID per model (such as some ASUS motherboards) 

Workaround:  use only the mac address as the identifier.

Modify the following stored procedures:


The line

On xref.machineid = aux.itemkey and aux.smbios_guid0 = @smsbios_guid


On xref.machineid = aux.itemkey and aux.smbios_guid0 = @smsbios_guid + '.'



The line

Where (m.smbios_guid0 = @vchsmbiosid) and (isnull(m.obsolete0,0) != 1)


Where (m.smbios_guid0 = @vchsmbiosid + '.') and (isnull(m.obsolete0,0) != 1)

And the line

Where (upper(m.smbios_guid0) = upper(@vchsmbiosid)) and (isnull(m.obsolete0,0) != 1)


Where (upper(m.smbios_guid0) = upper(@vchsmbiosid + '.')) and (isnull(m.obsolete0,0) != 1)


Do take note that those changes will have to be repeated after a service pack or site reset.


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