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This Hyper-V Community was founded in 2008 in The Netherlands by Jaap Wesselius during one of the first Hyper-V deployments in The Netherlands.

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Showing “Windows 8” Hyper-V in Pictures
A perfect storm just very unexpectedly. Sinofsky announced that the “Windows 8” client will have Hyper-V. This video shows the client hypervisor. If you look very carefully you see a lot of interesting details that might point to functionality in the...
First troubleshooting step for a lost (CSV) disk in Hyper-V cluster
Let’s assume the following scenario: You have a Hyper-V R2 SP1 cluster that has three or more nodes You are using Cluster Shared Volumes You learnt about the Cluster Validation problem that was solved by KB2531907 back in May 2011, which prevented the...
The teams that contribute to Hyper-V version 3
When Sinofsky detailed the different teams that are building Windows 8, I noticed that Storage and File Systems are one and the same group. Beneath you see a list of the most important teams in my opinion that will leverage the Microsoft Private Cloud...