Trend Labs - Top malware attacks during 2010

Posted Monday, January 03, 2011 12:44 PM by hwaldron

Malware attacks continued to grow in sophistication during the past year as noted by Trend Labs:

2010 in Review: 10 Most Remarkable Malware in 2010

QUOTE: This is my list of the top 10 most remarkable malware families that surfaced in 2010:

1. STUXNET. It was remarkable because of its sophistication and use for espionage. It was thought to have been programmed to halt Iran’s nuclear program.
2. Aurora. It hit Google and other big software companies last Christmas and it was remarkable because it managed to steal sensitive information from these giants.
3. ZeuS. It’s a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) botnet toolkit that has become very popular in the underground.
4. SpyEye. Touted as ZeuS’s successor, recent accounts tell how it will carry ZeuS’s source code into a more sophisticated code base.
5. KOOBFACE. It was remarkable because it spread through social networks from Facebook to Twitter.
6. BREDOLAB. A botnet that was used to spread other malware, acting as some sort of malware-deploying platform.
7. TDSS/Allurion. It has one of the most complex rootkit components ever seen
8. Mebroot. A spamming botnet that used a rootkit that could survive Windows re-installation.
9. FAKEAV. It’s the scam of choice of most of modern malware so all infections have a fake antivirus scam as a visible payload
10. Boonana. The Mac version of KOOBFACE


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