ZBOT - Trend Labs shares detailed analysis

Posted Friday, October 29, 2010 5:06 PM by hwaldron

Trend provides an in-depth technical review of this latest ZBOT trojan which is a highly advanced malware attack.

Full Analysis of the ZeuS-LICAT Trojan

QUOTE: Last September, several individuals were arrested for using information-stealing Trojans created with the well-known ZeuS toolkit. Following this, security researchers anticipated the inevitable “upgrade” to the toolkit/Trojans that will allow cybercriminals to continue their money-making ploy. Soon enough, we received reports on a ZeuS Trojan Trend Micro detects as TSPY_ZBOT.BYZ with the following new features:

We have been chronicling our findings about TSPY_ZBOT.BYZ, the ZeuS Trojan with LICAT features, in the following entries:


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