Microsoft Security Essentials - Latest 32/64 bit Installation guidelines

Posted Sunday, August 08, 2010 9:16 AM by hwaldron

Below are updated instructions for MSE installation for 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Windows:

1. Uninstall any previous Anti-virus products (esp. the 60 day trial AV products that may have come with your system)

2. Reboot your system to ensure a clean start

3. Go the WINDOWS UPDATE site to install all updates for improved protection. There is a Malicious Software Removal Tool which will clean up major virus or spyware infections that could be present on your system.

4. PREREQUISITES: You must be on latest service packs for your Operating System (SP3 for XP). Also in order to download MSE, your system must be WGA compliant. At this site Click on VALIDATE BUTTON to ensure your system is WGA compliant if you have not done this in the past or are working with a new or newly built PC:

5. Then visit Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) site and click DOWNLOAD Button. There is also an Installation Video to guide in this process you can watch 1st if desired using Media Player

6. MANUAL UPDATE OPTION: MSE will automatically update itself, but the first update may be time-consuming.  On a high speed Internet connection, I've found it useful to manually Download latest virus definitions (great technique for updating a secondary dial up only PC that you might want to protect) 

Older 32 Bit systems (XP, Vista)

Newer 64 Bit systems (Vista, Windows 7)

After downloading, click on MPAM-FE.EX (32 bit) or MPAM-FEX64.EXE (64 bit). It will automatically install lastest definitions in a couple of minutes.  If you have PCs that never connect to the Internet, this technique is a great way of staying updated with MSE.

7. Reboot system to ensure MSE starts automatically and with a green icon displayed in the System Tray area.

8. Launch Microsoft Security Essentials from Start Menu and select FULL SCAN to ensure your system is malware free. This may take an hour or two depending on the size of system. You can let it run unattended.  Check each of the tabs for desired times to update and other desired settings.

9. Ensure your system is set for AUTOMATIC UPDATES (the WIndows Update process) if desired.  The link in step 1 above allows you to select this option

10. If the MSE icon in the System Tray changes to any other color than GREEN, it indicates a problem (and usually a pop-up message will occur recommending AV signature updates or the need for a weekly scan).  The quick scan satisfies the need for a scan and it's good once per month to do a full scan which may take a couple of hours and can run while you're away from the PC.

QUOTE: Microsoft Security Essentials is a free download from Microsoft that is simple to install, easy to use, and always kept up to date so you can be assured your PC is protected by the latest technology. It’s easy to tell if your PC is secure — when you’re green, you’re good. It’s that simple


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