Philipines Volcano used to seed Fake AV malware

Posted Sunday, December 27, 2009 3:16 PM by hwaldron


Lightning Malware writers continue to use major news events and manipulate search engine rankings so their URLs may be picked up accidentally by users.  Always be careful with web searches looking closely at where the URL is directing you.  It's also recommended to use major news sites (e.g., CNN, USA Today, AP, Fox), rather than random searches for key news events.

Mayon Volcano Eruption Spews Out SEO Attack

QUOTE: Close on the heels of users seeking out news on the event, of course, are cybercriminals with their usual blackhat SEO tactics. Searching for news on the topic on Google using the string “Mayon Volcano eruption” may lead users to the malicious URL. Afterward, they will again be redirected to any of the following URLs where FAKEAV variants are downloaded onto their systems:

More info on Mayon Volcano and possible eruption


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