Dangerous Malware - 2009 Analysis by Trend Mirco

Posted Saturday, October 31, 2009 8:40 AM by hwaldron


Numerous malicious websites, rogue AV products, botnets, and phishing attacks continue to circulate.  Users should stay up-to-date on technical protection and use safe practices.

Dangerous Malware - 2009 Analysis by Trend Mirco

QUOTE: 2009 saw the emergence or resurfacing of three of the most notorious botnets in relation to information, financial, and identity theft—Koobface, ZeuS, and Ilomo. Trend Micro estimates that more than 100,000 users receive messages saying they have been infected by malware while visiting malicious sites and that there are more than 48,000 FAKEAV offerings per month.

Star WHY IT'S IMPORTANT TO STAY PATCHED UP -- Unpatched vulnerabilities can allow cybercriminals to exploit users’ systems. For instance, unpatched vulnerabilities in a system’s browser can allow cybercriminals to run arbitrary code if the user happens to browse through a malicious website, leaving him/her at the mercy of online predators.


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