Windows 2000 - New version of Windows Update addresses 100 percent CPU issue

Posted Monday, December 22, 2008 7:35 PM by hwaldron

Travel I've been updating all work and home PCs for the critical Internet Explorer security patch (MS08-078).  During this process, I've encountered a new version of Windows Update which has worked well except for one of my XP systems. 

I have an older Windows 2000 PC that had issues some months ago with Windows update consuming 100% of the CPU cycles.  To revolve this issue, I had set updates to automatic rather than manual.  The system would gradually apply these as available for critical components still being updated for this legacy Operating System.  It was still a very slow process and most of the time required a few sessions to complete.

However I found in updating my XP systems, that a new version of Windows Update was available and I reset the Security Center for manual rather than automatic updates.  This was done to test the new version to see if performance improvements were present.  I was pleased to discover that W/2000 updates seem to now work as well as they did under XP.  I'll continue checking next month to see if this finding continues.


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