MYDOOM.CG Worm - Dangerous and realistic holiday email promotion

Posted Saturday, December 06, 2008 1:06 AM by hwaldron

Gift Avoid this free promotional from Coke and McDonalds sent in a ZIP file as these companies would not sent out offers in this manner.  The email HTML is very realistic.  Email links can also be dangerous and should be carefully checked in any message. No email offer can be relied on, when it comes unexpectedly in email. I'm careful even with legitimate offers from Staples, Dell, or others.  Please be extra careful in handling email attachments and web links during the holiday season. 

Many email, website, and popup attacks are well disguised. As Trend Micro warns, this realistic email can invade computers in 4 different ways to gain entry and it will download additional other malicious attacks once the PC is infected. It's better to always avoid a free offer than risk loss of information and many hours of repair work.  This dangerous deceptive worm has power to spread rapidly by email, P2P, network, and USB -- especially in a large group of vulnerable users. 

Avoidance and staying updated on AV protection is your best defense as attacks during the holidays are likely to increase.

MYDOOM.CG Worm - Dangerous and realistic holiday email promotion

Infection Channel 1 : Propagates via email
Infection Channel 2 : Propagates via peer-to-peer networks
Infection Channel 3 : Propagates via removable drives
Infection Channel 4 : Copies itself in all available physical drives


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