Spammers Masquerade as Internet Copyright Police

Posted Monday, August 18, 2008 5:12 PM by hwaldron

Email Trend Micro is warning users to avoid threating notices that might be found in their inbox.  These attacks use the social engineering tactic of making folks believe "they have done something wrong" and "they will loose their Internet privileges completely".  Users should delete these messages and resist taking actions on any unusual or unexpected email messages.

Spammers Masquerade as Internet Copyright Police

QUOTE: Internet spammers have turned to file-sharing scare-tactics. This is to entice would-be victims to open a malicious attachment, threatening the unfortunate recipients with interrupted Internet connectivity or legal action. Recipients are most likely to be motivated by fear to fall for this ruse. It is, after all, the Internet surfer’s worst nightmare to have all their Internet activities known to other parties — epecially those who threaten legal prosecution.

These spam runs seem to use a self-righteous tone against piracy, which makes the ruse even all the more believable. However, downloading the attached file is not in the recipient’s best interests. We advise users to consider all unsolicited email suspect.


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