Mars - Closest encounter to earth until 2016 (not an email hoax this time)

Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2007 11:54 PM by hwaldron


Star Occasionally, I'll receive an email hoax as noted below.  However, this event is REAL, so please take time out and observe the brightest "star" in the skies:

POPULAR MARS Email Hoax - Planet Mars at closest distance to earth

I've been watching Mars for weeks and it's spectacular Smile .. Please take a brief break if you have clear skies to observe this if possible. Even if you miss tonight, it'll still be close by all month.

Mars - Closest encounter to earth until 2016

VIEWING TIPS (at least for northern hemisphere)
- About 2 hours after sunset, look in eastern skies for a very bright "star" rising from horizon
- Mars will continue moving higher in skies overnight
- Eventually it will become the brightest "star" in skies
- For C2C fans, look for UFO opportunities tonight Wink

QUOTE: CLOSE ENCOUNTER: Tonight, Dec. 18th, Mars makes its closest approach to Earth until the year 2016. At a distance of only 55 million miles, Mars outshines every star in the night sky (it is slightly brighter than Sirius) and draws attention to itself with its distinctive red color.


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