Sophos Article: Vista users subject to top 3 viruses circulating now

Posted Monday, December 04, 2006 9:57 PM by hwaldron

Sophos recently commented that Vista users may not be completely safe from the top 3 viruses in the public sector today.  Sandi, a fellow Security MVP summarized this issue by stating that, "Windows Vista will not protect you from yourself".  Unfortunately, Microsoft must provide Win32 compatibility -- even if it possibly includes computer viruses.

Still users are better protected with Vista, including:

(1) New UAC warning prompts on potential registry updates
(2) A more protective kernel design
(3) Better out-of-the-box security (e.g., improved settings, OneCare, Defender)
(4) Better implementation of limited user accounts
(5) IE 7, a much improved web browser. 

No operating system is completely "fool proof".  Still with Vista's TWC based improvements, users are probably going to require more than just one click of the mouse to infect themselves, as they are prompted with multiple "Are you sure you want to do this to yourself?" messages along the way


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