ITMU Update - November 2006

You may have heard by now that the SMS Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates needs an update. Here is some additional information to help you prepare for the upgrade.

 *Remember that Windows Update, MBSA 2.0, and the SMS Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates (ITMU) use the same technology - Windows Update.

As you have read in KB 926464, the current file format has reached its maximum number of files that can be included in a single CAB. To fix this problem a new CAB format will be used with an updated Windows Update Agent.

The new version of the CAB file will be released in November, along with the ITMU update, and an update for MBSA 2.0. All of these updates will also require an update to the Windows Update Agent, which will also be released around the same time. The current version of the ITMU will be retired in March 2007 - no more updates will be released for the current version of the ITMU.

How will I install/update the ITMU?? If you're currently using the ITMU, it will be a simple upgrade that when it's installed, will create a dependency from the scanning program on the new version of the Microsoft Update Agent installation. So the next time a scan is run, the new Microsoft Update Agent will be installed first. Additional information about upgrading the ITMU:

  • The installation process will automatically upgrade your standard package and program for the ITMU Scanner. If you created additional programs, be sure to re-test them.
  • You will not need to uninstall a previous version of the ITMU.

If you are NOT currently using the ITMU, follow the same directions that have been previously posted for ITMU requirements (you will find some of that information here). You will not need to install a previous version of the ITMU to install the new version.  

Will I be able to run the current version of the ITMU and the updated ITMU in parallel? No - the installation process UPGRADES the previous version of the ITMU.

Do I need to install the updated Windows Update Agent separately? No, provided you allow the update process to create the program dependency for the new version of the Windows Update Agent. Just like the previous version of the ITMU, you can deploy the Windows Update Agent separately if you prefer, but it's not required.

What are the prerequisites for installing the new version of the ITMU? No new prerequisites - review current ITMU documentation (and here) for a primer.

Will the new ITMU detect everything that the current ITMU will detect? Yes - the new version will detect everything, except for some software that is no longer supported.

Other than previously-documented products (here and here), what detection is missing (or will be missing) from the current version of the ITMU?
Review KB 924513 for the most up-to-date information. Here is a list of the types of updates that are being removed from the current version of the ITMU:

  • Security Updates for unsupported platforms
  • Updates with multiple newer updates
  • Worm and malicious software removal tools
What if I'm not using the ITMU?
The following tools are not affected by this update:
  • Security Update Inventory Tool (SUIT)
  • Extended Software Update Inventory Tool (ESUIT)
  • Office Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates (OITU)

Of course if you are still using these older tools, you want to continue (or begin) your project plan and test plan to migrate to the ITMU if you can. (review this post for more information).

When should I install this update?
After you've tested it of course! Seriously though, I would personally recommend you begin testing it as soon as it has been released, and release to production in the "lull" between MS patch cycles. I still recommend sooner than later. There is a chance that as each month passes, you may lose detection abilities in older versions of software (see KB 924513). Definitely update before March 2007!

What if I wait until March 2007 to implement?
From KB 926464, By March 2007, the existing WU offline scan file will no longer be maintained, and customers will have to use the new file. At that time, attempts to scan by using will return an error. This error will indicate that the WUA must be upgraded. So it appears that the WSUSSCAN.CAB that you download in March 2007 will report an error when you attempt to use it.

If you have additional questions or comments, please post to this blog, or send me email.

*This information is subject to change, and not official Microsoft documentation, but I will do my best to ensure its accuracy. Please send me email for any errors or concerns.

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