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ADFS 2.0 : HomeRealmDiscovery customization for Multiple Local Authentication Methods and Mobile Device Detection
16 April 12 10:29 AM | forefrontsecurity | with no comments
Hi All, This article is the second part of a series about Multiple Local Authentication Methods with ADFS 2.0. Here is the first part This article is a...
Management Policy Rules and portal Security
22 July 11 10:45 AM | forefrontsecurity | with no comments
As you might now, security and permissions are set on the forefront portal through MPRs. Those MPR will determine which user or which set has what right...
UAG, FIM and an encrypted SQL repository–part 2
23 February 11 11:39 AM | forefrontsecurity | with no comments
Hi all, In the previous post, we have seen how put an encrypted value in an SQL database with FIM Password Management. We now want to : Connect to the...
Why my logo customization is broken after UAG SP1 ?
16 February 11 09:56 AM | forefrontsecurity | with no comments
Forefront UAG 2010 is an amazing software that allow lot of customization. For example you can change the icon of the PortalHomePage, change the banner...

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