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ADFS 2.0 : HomeRealmDiscovery customization for Multiple Local Authentication Methods and Mobile Device Detection
16 April 12 10:29 AM | forefrontsecurity | with no comments
Hi All, This article is the second part of a series about Multiple Local Authentication Methods with ADFS 2.0. Here is the first part This article is a...
ADFS 2.0 : How to provide Multiple Local Authentication Methods
15 April 12 10:23 AM | forefrontsecurity | with no comments
Hi, For one of my customer, I am deploying a federation service to provide transparent authentication on Web Application for employees. ADFS is acting...
ADFS 2.0 Client Certificate Authentication
10 April 12 10:39 PM | forefrontsecurity | with no comments
Hi all, Here is how you can enable Client Certificate Authentication for Passive Authentication. In my case, I have a Microsoft AD Certification Service...

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