Global Out-Of-The-Box Rules Troubleshooting

Published 08 April 11 10:13 AM | forefrontsecurity

Hi all,

This morning, I wanted to download a pdf file from our website, published with Forefront UAG. The link to the pdf is the following :[vNext]%20UAG%20Mobile%20Portal.pdf

I was very disappointing to get an error like “You have attempted to access a restricted. The URL is blocked by on or more Forefront UAG out-of-the-box rules”.

I check the event monitor of the UAG Server, and I see this message :

Global Out-Of-The-Box Rules - The error code is illegal character – ([).

It seems that the “[“ character is not allowed. To fix this issue, you have to add this character to the list of the “legal character” for your website using the URL Inspection tab of the Trunk Configuration panel.


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