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Fully Compliant with ConfigMgr 2012 SP2, ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1, and ConfigMgr 2016
09 June 15 09:56 AM | Enhansoft » Blog
Successful testing of Enhanced Web Reporting, Monitor Information Reporting and Warranty Information Reporting! All of Enhansoft’s product solutions are fully compliant with the recently released Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration... The post...
New Version of Monitor Information Reporting
06 May 15 09:36 AM | Enhansoft » Blog
Drop by Booth #207 at Microsoft Ignite for a sneak peak of the next version of Enhansoft’s Monitor Information Reporting. This new version will capture the following monitor details: Current... The post New Version of Monitor Information Reporting appeared...
Monitor Information Reporting – Next Version
24 April 15 10:11 AM | Enhansoft » Blog
We have exciting news to share with everyone! We’re getting ready to release Monitor Information Reporting, Version 5. Stop by our Booth #207 at Microsoft Ignite and find out more... The post Monitor Information Reporting – Next Version appeared...
Monitor Information Reporting Update
14 April 15 09:12 AM | Enhansoft » Blog
By Suzanne Tighe As spring slowly approaches, we are getting closer to the next release of our most popular product: Monitor Information Reporting. With feedback provided by our customers, we... The post Monitor Information Reporting Update appeared first...
My First Day Using Monitor Information Reporting (MIR)
07 May 14 11:32 AM | Enhansoft
By John Marcum A few weeks ago the company I work for purchased Monitor Information Reporting. Within minutes after installing Monitor Information Reporting I started to see results. The data returned in one of the built-in SSRS reports, List of PCs with...
PC Monitor Power Management Options Update
20 November 13 10:48 AM | Enhansoft
We noticed that some of the links in our original blog post from over a year ago needed updating. When a PC is shut down at the end of the day, the monitor isn’t necessarily turned off too. Ever wonder how much this may be costing you? There are 4 power...
Enhansoft Solutions Working Together with System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager
22 October 13 01:04 PM | Enhansoft
Enhansoft is pleased to announce that Enhanced Web Reporting , Monitor Information Reporting and Warranty Information Reporting fully integrate with Microsoft’s System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager (CM12 R2). All of our built-in SQL Server Reporting...
Monitor Information Reporting (MIR) VS. Win32_DesktopMonitor
24 July 13 12:14 PM | Enhansoft
Not too long ago, a senior SCCM consultant gave us the idea to put together a webcast comparing Monitor Information Reporting (MIR) to Win32_DesktopMonitor. If you were planning to use Win32_DestopMonitor to give you reliable and accurate results about...
How to Find Missing Monitors Using a Partial Serial Number
16 July 13 10:09 AM | Enhansoft
Recently we worked with a number of our clients to enhance the features of Monitor Information Reporting . One of the items that many of them were looking for was a way to locate monitors based on a serial number or a partial serial number. One of the...
Be Always Up-to-date About Your PC Monitor Inventory
08 April 13 04:48 PM | Enhansoft
Media Release Immediate – Monday April 8, 2013 – One page Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada Enhansoft is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Monitor Information Reporting (MIR). “We’re excited about taking...
Scrubbing Monitor Data From PCs
27 February 13 11:15 AM | Enhansoft
Do your PCs have an over-abundance of monitor data? Well mine do because I use my PCs for testing purposes! If you also have this problem, you can use Monitor Information Reporting - MIR Version 4’s scrub feature which allows you to clean out all the...
New Tool–Monitor Information Reporting-MIR Interface
22 February 13 11:28 AM | Enhansoft
Included in our latest version of Monitor Information Reporting-MIR , we have a new tool called MIR Interface. This tool allows you to quickly view monitor data for any computer on the network. As you can see from this screenshot, connecting to the localhost...
Wanted: Still More Monitor Information Reporting Beta Testers
12 February 13 02:32 PM | Enhansoft
Want to be a Monitor Information Reporting - MIR Version 4 beta tester? Go to our website and join today! Your feedback will help shape the final release! One of the many great features about MIR is its ability to determine calculated serial numbers....
Monitor Information Reporting–MIR–Power Management Setting Reports
07 February 13 12:43 PM | Enhansoft
If your PC monitors cannot use the lowest power management setting, “Active Off,” your organization could be losing a lot of money. MIR’s automated reports will help you locate these monitors. Test MIR Version 4 and put these reports to work for you!...
Wanted: More Monitor Information Reporting – MIR Version 4 Beta Testers
30 January 13 12:15 PM | Enhansoft
We are rolling out a new version of Monitor Information Reporting – MIR and we’re looking for beta testers. Curious about how MIR works? Visit our website to read MORE about MIR Version 4 and how to download it from our website. During the beta program...
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