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How to Fully Document Your SCCM Server in Less Than an Hour Using SYDI
16 August 12 05:00 AM | Enhansoft
Did you know that you can use Script Your Documentation Instantly (SYDI) to not only document your SCCM 2012 and 2007 server settings, but to also document the whole SCCM server including SQL? Following these steps will take less than an hour. Download...
Did you know? Survival Guides for System Center
26 July 12 09:47 AM | Enhansoft
Did you know that there are several “Survival Guides” for System Center? Below are some examples of what is available. If you are an admin these guides will help you with your day-to-day tasks.   System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Survival...
Do You Know About Using SYDI for SCCM 2012?
18 July 12 09:03 AM | Enhansoft
Do you know that the existing Script Your Documentation Instantly (SYDI) vbs script for SCCM 2007 (ConfigMgr/SCCM Documentation Script v1.32), found on Enhansoft’s site: , will create a detailed documentation...
Wild Card Prompts
23 March 12 09:34 AM | Enhansoft
Q : Can the input variable that is query based be searchable similar to the native SCCM Web Reporting interface? i .e. Can the Collection ID be searched using a wild card rather than having to select one from a drop down only? Background: Let us assume...
SCCM Guru Webcast Follow Up
19 March 12 08:51 AM | Enhansoft
During my recent SCCM Guru webcast there were a number of questions that came in during the webcast. I will answer most of them within this blog post, however, there are two that I will give short answers to and the long answers will show up on my blog...
Diving Deep in the SCCM data! Bring your Swim trunks! – Part 2
14 November 11 10:07 AM | Enhansoft
While away on holidays, I was asked what does the “Diving Deep in the SCCM data! Bring your Swim trunks!” SSRS report look like. Well here it is! The RDL file for this report is within the ZIP file on
How to test Data Source
21 September 11 04:10 PM | Enhansoft
Use these step to test your Data source Launch Internet Explorer http://server name/Reports and select the Data Source . Double click the data source icon or the GUID; highlighted above. Select Test Connection . Notice the Successful connection message...
Patch compliance progression report
19 September 11 09:08 PM | Enhansoft
Over on the myITforum mailing there has been some discussion about one of our reports. Our SSRS reports are based on my original version on my personal blog site.
Enhansoft at MMS-2011
24 March 11 02:21 PM | Enhansoft
Thank you to everyone who dropped by Enhansoft’s booth at this year’s MMS Conference.   Today is our last day, so if you still haven’t dropped by, please do. It was great to meet so many of you and to catch-up with good friends and colleagues...
Enhansoft Co-sponsors Party at MMS-2011
16 March 11 02:10 PM | Enhansoft
Enhansoft is pleased to announce that it is a co-sponsor of the Party   at MMS-2011. The Party will take place on Tuesday, March 22 from 6 to 9 p.m. in Islanders D-E-I, which is in the North Convention Center (MMS-2011...
Vote for Enhansoft’s Package Status Report or Windows Experience Index Report
14 March 11 10:26 AM | Enhansoft
You can still vote for Enhansoft’s April SSRS report give-away. Go to: and click on either Package Status or Windows Experience Index to register your vote. Here at Enhansoft we have a friendly...
Vote for Enhansoft’s next free report
04 March 11 01:22 PM | Enhansoft
Here are your choices for Enhansoft’s April SSRS report give-away: Package Status Report or Windows Experience Index Report Please register your vote at: Remember that you can still request...
Enhansoft’s Windows Experience Index Report
03 March 11 11:35 AM | Enhansoft
This month we are introducing each SQL Reporting Service (SSRS) report before voting begins on the free report give-away.  Yesterday we introduced Enhansoft’s Package Status Report and today we are introducing Enhansoft’s Windows Experience Index...
Enhansoft’s Package Status Report
02 March 11 11:17 AM | Enhansoft
This month we will be introducing each SQL Reporting Service (SSRS) report before voting begins on the free report give-away.  A reminder that all of these SSRS reports and many, many, more are found in Enhansoft’s Enhanced Web Reporting . ...
Enhansoft’s Free March SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) Report
01 March 11 10:20 AM | Enhansoft
The winner of this month’s free SSRS report give-away is Advertisement Home Report .  Thank you to everyone who voted! Please contact for a free license key in order to download this report.  We will start sending the report...
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