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Breaking News! The Release of CMMap 2.0!
08 January 15 09:31 AM | Enhansoft
By Garth Jones To start the New Year off in a great way, Jeff Tondt released an update to SMSMap and renamed it CMMap! CMMap is a freeware Configuration Manager 2012 / 2007 / SMS 2003 hierarchy drawing tool. It is...
How to Create a Visio Diagram of Your System Center Configuration Manager Environment
11 November 14 09:19 AM | Enhansoft
By Garth Jones I’m regularly asked to create either a local or physical diagram of a client’s System Center Configuration Manager (CM) environment. Since these diagrams are very useful, I’m going to tell you what my secret is… SMSMap! What is SMSMap?...
What is a Management Information File (MIF)?
09 July 14 11:41 AM | Enhansoft
By Garth Jones Whether you are using Configuration Manager 2012, 2007, or SMS there are two different types of Management Information Format (MIF) files (sort of). The first type of MIF file that I am referring to is defined in the Configuration Manager...
Troubleshooting Inventory Flow
25 July 13 02:18 PM | Enhansoft
By Garth Jones I thought that it was about time to finally update my article on how to troubleshoot hardware inventory flow. Although not much has changed since I originally wrote the article back in 2008, in this updated version I have added a few more...
Monitor Information Reporting (MIR) VS. Win32_DesktopMonitor
24 July 13 12:14 PM | Enhansoft
Not too long ago, a senior SCCM consultant gave us the idea to put together a webcast comparing Monitor Information Reporting (MIR) to Win32_DesktopMonitor. If you were planning to use Win32_DestopMonitor to give you reliable and accurate results about...
ConfigMgr / SCCM Documentation Script v1.37
06 June 13 12:06 PM | Enhansoft
It was a long time coming, but the ConfigMgr / SCCM / site server documentation script SYDI (Script Your Documentation Instantly) is updated. This version of the script is designed to help with SMS provider detection issues and to make troubleshooting...
How to Remotely Determine the SMS Provider Using WBEMTest v2
29 May 13 02:08 PM | Enhansoft
As I was reading Garth Jones’ blog post on how to remotely determine the SMS provider using WBEMTest, I realized that that wasn’t the method I would use. Not to disagree with my esteemed colleague (LOL!!) but I determine the SMS provider in the following...
How to Remotely Determine the SMS Provider Using WBEMTest
15 May 13 02:18 PM | Enhansoft
From time to time one of the questions we get is: How can I determine what my SMS_provider path/name is? This is important to know because if you do any System Center Configuration Manager 2012 / 2007 or even SMS 2003 automation with VBS or PoSH, you...
Did you know? Survival Guides for System Center
26 July 12 09:47 AM | Enhansoft
Did you know that there are several “Survival Guides” for System Center? Below are some examples of what is available. If you are an admin these guides will help you with your day-to-day tasks.   System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Survival...
Create a Configuration Baseline to Ensure that the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS File is on All Site Servers
20 June 12 03:38 AM | Enhansoft
Recently a client asked, “How can I ensure that the No_SMS_On_Drive.SMS file is on all site servers?” You need to use DCM, and over a series of blog posts, we will show you how to create a DCM rule to detect which SCCM 2007 Site Servers don’t have the...
Wild Card Prompts
23 March 12 09:34 AM | Enhansoft
Q : Can the input variable that is query based be searchable similar to the native SCCM Web Reporting interface? i .e. Can the Collection ID be searched using a wild card rather than having to select one from a drop down only? Background: Let us assume...
SCCM Guru Webcast Follow Up
19 March 12 08:51 AM | Enhansoft
During my recent SCCM Guru webcast there were a number of questions that came in during the webcast. I will answer most of them within this blog post, however, there are two that I will give short answers to and the long answers will show up on my blog...
Depended Package
25 January 12 07:32 PM | Enhansoft
Use this query to get the package name for any depended program. See the TechNet forum post for full details. SELECT Pkg.Name AS ' Package Name ', ADV.ProgramName AS ' Program Name ', ADV.AdvertisementName AS ' Advertisement Name '...
DevTeach Winner
04 November 11 01:45 PM | Enhansoft
Congratulations to Scott K. for winning Enhansoft’s Foolish Chicken restaurant gift certificate at DevTeach . Read More...
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Last day to request free SSRS report
31 March 11 10:17 AM | Enhansoft
Today is the last day to request the winner of this month’s free SSRS report give-away - Advertisement Home Page Report . Please contact for a free license key.  Let us know what you think about this report. Thanks! Read More....
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