Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Delayed Again


Microsoft recently stated that they are going to scale back the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) which was slated to launch on February 27, 2008.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 was scheduled to be released at that time along with Windows Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 with a Release to Manufacturing (RTM) date or SQL 2008 scheduled for the second quarter of 2008. Now the RTM date for SQL Server 2008 is sometime in the third quarter of 2008 in the July to September time frame.


I have mixed feelings about this news as I am sure most of you have as well. But the good thing is maybe since the RTM date has been pushed back more applications will support SQL Server 2008 as the database backend by the time the then new version emerges. It is also good in that many of the new books about SQL Server 2008 scheduled to be released after February may be on the shelves before SQL Server 2008 is available to the general public.


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# Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Delayed Again

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