How To Execute A View In SQL Server


In your SMS (or MOM) database there are quite a few Views as well as Stored Procedures and System Stored Procedures that are created by the SMS installation process and SMS updates such as service packs or other tools available from Microsoft or other vendors.


Views are virtual or logical tables composed of the results set of a query. This means that a View like a table has a table like structure but has no physical existence within the database because it can and usually is composed of pieces of several tables in the database.


Executing or running Views from SQL is really quite simple and very basic. All you really need to know is the basics of executing a SQL query (Select * From) and the name of the view as in the example below:


Select * From View_Or_Stored_Procedure_Name



Published Friday, November 17, 2006 7:36 PM by dhite


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