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SCCM_Client_Health_Check Startup Script

This startup script is almost identical to the Health Check script that I released last year. The main difference is that I removed the advertisement check because that was for the Client Health check task.

I also added a section that will check for the device type and install a different account if the system is a server or a desktop.

Let me know how it works for you. we have been using it here in production since October without issue.

Chris Stauffer <><

PS: as previously noted credit is given to the original scripter's.

' NAME: SCCM_Client_Health_Check
' AUTHOR: Chris Stauffer, Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania
' DATE  : 2/9/2009
' COMMENT: Version 1.3
' 1.0 - all features enabled
' 1.1 - additional Credit Given
'      - Minor error in one of the email functions was fixed.
' 1.2 - Script was modified to run as a Startup script
'      - Email Function was disabled
'      - If SCCM Reg key is missing it will now trigger a client install
'      - Client install source points to the SCCM Site Share  SMS_(Sitecode)\Client\CCMSetup.exe
' 1.3 - Removed Advertisement check that was used in original healthcheck advertisement script.
' Features To be added:
'        - Do we actually need arguments For client install since they should be In AD If site Is constructed properly
'        - WMI Solution
'  Special Thanks to:
' 1E And Richard Threlkeld  For the original Health Check tool
' David Turner For cache expander Function
' DudeWorks For script functions from their original Health Check scripts
' Sherry Kissinger For Error checking And Function editing
' Authors of SMS 2003 Recipes (a must have book For any SMS admin)
' My beta testers. I've been asked by some to not mention there names so I will not.
' The rest know who they are and I will gladly give them recognition if they want it.
' The guys And gals On the MyITForum MSSMS list For chiming in when needed
' And anybody Else that added their 2 cents :-)


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