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 I put together an excel spreadsheet that is similar to the one that was created for SMS 2003. I also included 2 scripts that can be used to gather some of the information needed to fil in the spreadsheet. One script is just a VB script that someone wrote that will check the free space on a system. You will need to edit it to get the information. The other script is the Powershell Script that I posted the other day that will give you a lot more info in a txt file.



This is based on



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 As some of you know I am a Den leader for my son's cub scout den. We decided last November to make 3 blankets for the Blankets of Hope  for wounded soldiers. These Blankets are hand made, we used a white piece of cloth divided into 9 blocks. Eight of the blocks where filled in with drawings from the boys with fabric markers and the center square was embroidered with the names of the boys involved with the project. Then the sheet was sown to a very soft and warm Felt. These Blankets are finally back from the embroiders after some set backs and will be sent out in the next few weeks. Along with a card and a way to get in tough with the Den in case the soldier the Blanket reaches wants pen pals. This was a great project for our boys it allowed them to do something simple but greater then they will know and understand until they are older.  Here is an example of one of the 3 blankets. We hope that they Find there way to Heroes that need to know that they are thought of and believed in.


Remember that if it where not for our MEN and WOMEN in uniform we would not have the freedoms that we treasure.


Blanket of Hope


OK so now you wonder how can you help. There is a new project called Blankets of Belief.



 This winter, an estimated 180,000 U.S. military personnel will be serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and other locations around the world, in combat environments or in support of combat operations.  Some will be on their 3rd or 4th deployments--spending yet another Holiday away from the loving arms of family and friends. We want them to know that they are remembered, that we are thinking of them during the winter Holiday Season, and that we are grateful for their service. Since we can't wrap our arms around them in person to show how much we love and appreciate them, our goal is to wrap all 180,000 of our deployed service members in blankets representative of our support and faith in them, Blankets of Belief. The Blankets will be a physical reminder that they are not alone during the Holidays. When deployed service members receive a Blanket of Belief, they will know that somebody back home remembered them, that somebody labored over a handmade blanket with thoughts of them and hopes or prayers for their strength and comfort.


This group is sponsored by the Boy scouts and Girl Scouts of America.


So be a Soldiers Angel and help by making a few Blankets with what ever group you are part of whether is be one of the scout groups or church or vet group. Even if you dont support the war, remeber that these men and women volenteered to server their country and they are simply following orders. Those of us that served this nation in time of peace and war know the great sacrifice that military members make.


Special Thanks To Viki S. for bringing this idea to our attention and for taking time out of her schedual to assist in creating these blankets.


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 Wow i broke it on my first search "Chris Stauffer myitforum"

We’ll be back soon...

Due to overwhelming interest, our Cuil servers are running a bit hot right now. The search engine is momentarily unavailable as we add more capacity.

Thanks for your patience.



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Now that I have had a chance to play with PowerShell V1, I though I would do a blog on different resources that I found usefull in my learning PowerShell. I am still a beginner but everybody has to start somewhere Wink


So here you go:


The Script Center Script Repository: Sample Windows PowerShell Scripts


Scripting with Windows PowerShell


Microsoft® Windows PowerShellTM Step By Step  (The book I used to learn PS)


Free Windows PowerShell workbook: server administration


Windows PowerShell Graphical Help File


Windows PowerShell Tip of the Week


PowerShell Team Blog


PowerGui (Best Free Powershell Tool available in my opinion)

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Microsoft released an article recognizing the issue with Zone alarm. 


originally mention on my blog a few weeks ago. 


In response to the issue Zone alarm has released a new version. 


Workaround to Sudden Loss of Internet Access Problem


Date Published : 8 July 2008


Date Last Revised : 14 July 2008


Overview : Microsoft Update KB951748 is known to cause loss of internet access for ZoneAlarm users on Windows XP/2000. Windows Vista users are not affected.


Impact : Sudden loss of internet access


Platforms Affected : ZoneAlarm Free, ZoneAlarm Pro, ZoneAlarm AntiVirus, ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware, and ZoneAlarm Security Suite


Recommended Actions -

Download and install the latest versions which solve the loss of internet access problem here (English only):

Once you have installed the new version of your product go to "start > windows update" and re-install the Microsoft patch.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
ZoneAlarm Pro
ZoneAlarm Antivirus
ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware
ZoneAlarm Basic Firewall
- or follow the directions below.


According to Harry Waldron there are exploits in the wild so get things patched ;-) 


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I put together this PS script to check information on my ConfigMgr 2007 Servers. It can also be used on the SMS 2003 servers. Please review it and let me know if anything needs changed or if you would like to see anything added.


Please be gental this is my first real PS script since learning PS last week so there are bound to be easier and faster ways to do what i am doing but i havent learned them yet so if you have input please keep that in mind.


Just save the attached file as SCCM_Info1.3.ps1 on your c drive


If you have powershell installed on you system you can fire this off by using this command at the command prompt:

 powershell.exe -noexit c:\SCCM_Info1.3.ps1





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 Here is my first powershell script :-P


$strString = "Hello World"
$i=100;do {$i--; "$i"} until ($i -eq 0)
write-host $strString -ForegroundColor red


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Looks like MSFT released a revision for the patch that breaks Zone Alarm.


Title: Microsoft Security Bulletin Major Revisions
Issued: July 10, 2008

The following bulletins have undergone a major revision increment.
Please see the appropriate bulletin for more details.

  * MS08-037 - Important

Bulletin Information:

* MS08-037 - Important

 - Reason for Revision: V2.0 (July 10, 2008): Bulletin revised to
    inform users of ZoneAlarm and Check Point Endpoint Security
    of an Internet connectivity issue detailed in the section,
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related to this Security
    Update. The revision did not change the security update files
    in this bulletin, but users of ZoneAlarm and Check Point
    Endpoint Security should read the FAQ entries for guidance.  
 - Originally posted: July 8, 2008
 - Updated: July 10, 2008
 - Bulletin Severity Rating: Important
 - Version: 2.0

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 Since I just finished reading the book for powershell that I got at MMS I will be adding Powershell scripts to my blog.


I hope to have my first SMS/SCCM Script tomorrow provided it is quiet enough for me to complete it.



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 Zone alarm breaks after installing kb951748. I personally had this happen at home so i have fully tested the solution.


 If you lower the internet security to Medium you can get out to the internet but you are not fully protected by your firewall. If you simply uninstall  kb951748 and reboot your system you will be back in buisness. Also remeber if you have your patch setting to auto patch you need to change it to either download and alert or just alert so the patch doesnt re-install. Once MS has a solution i will update this post.


This Zone alarm forum post tells how to fix the issue.


 I happen to disagree with part of the problem. The only patch that i found that needed to be removed was  kb951748. After rebooting and setting my security back to high everything is working.


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This script will allow you to check for disabled accounts in AD. In our enviornment we are not allowed to reenable an account but we can check to see if it is disables and request that it be re-enabled though remedy. If the account wasn't disabled because of a security issue or a termination then the Domain team will re-enable it.


 So this sub script simply allows you to check and see is a user is disabled.


 open the Admin.asp file in notepad and add the following to the end of the text just before the </script> line



'Check For Disabled account

Sub Btn4_OnClick
Dim User
Dim UserName
UserName = InputBox("Enter the Username you want to change the password for :","UserName","")
Set User = GetObject("WinNT://" & UserDomain & "/" & UserName & ",user")
IsAccountDisabled = User.AccountDisabled
If IsAccountDisabled = True  Then
    MsgBox("Account disabled")
End If
If IsAccountDisabled = False  Then
    MsgBox("Account enabled")
End If
End Sub





Then to to line 18 it should look like this


   <P align="center"><input style="WIDTH: 180px" type="button" value="Check Lockout Status" name="Btnl" ID="Button1"><input style="WIDTH: 180px" type="button" value="Unlock Account" name="Btn2" ID="Button2"><input style="WIDTH: 180px" type="button" value="Reset Password" name="Btn3" ID="Button3"></P>

Change it to look like this


<P align="center">
   <input style="WIDTH: 180px" type="button" value="Check Lockout Status" name="Btnl" ID="Button1">
   <input style="WIDTH: 180px" type="button" value="Unlock Account" name="Btn2" ID="Button2">
   </P><P align="center">
   <input style="WIDTH: 180px" type="button" value="Reset Password" name="Btn3" ID="Button3">
   <input style="WIDTH: 180px" type="button" value="Check for Disabled Account" name="Btn4" ID="Button4">



or you can just replace the whole page with the file i have attached. be sure to change the domain to your domain.




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My SCCM SP1 server was trying to get to port 34571. This didnt make much since because is the default subnet for a miss configured DHCP address.  


After some help from the guys on the MSSMS/ConfigMgr group we where able to determine that the IBM ServeRaid Manager agent was actually sending out this loopback check. I changed it to   


Here are the details incase you run across it on a firewall scan.


Thanks John for sharing this info



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I and several others have had an issue with the temp DB growing out of control and not auto shrinking as it should.

 After having a discussion on the emial group the other week we cam up with a possible solution thanks to Jim Bezdan.

 Here is the solution:



A coworker was troubleshooting an issue on a few file servers where the c:\windows\system32\wbem\logs\FrameWork.log file was growing and filling up the C: volume (See ) The problem as the article shows is that the Network Service account didn't have delete rights to the wbem\logs folder. The guy then went on all of the other servers, including my SMS primaries and found that two of them didn't have this permission set (the two that I was having problems with the tempdb log growth) He added the delete rights to the Network Service account for wbem\logs, restarted the servers and the tempdb log file growth problem went away. Although we never saw the FrameWork.log grow too big on the SMS servers, it was larger than it should have been before he made the change.



I tried this on the 2 server that where having an issue here and it has been running for about 2 weeks without any growth issue.


Hope this helps someone else out


Chris Stauffer <><


On Ron's web console we had an issue since we have a mix of 2kpro and XP machines.This replacement code for the Remote control button will check to see what version the OS is on the system that you want to remote into then use the appropriate executable for the OS. Just replace the old code in the Machrest.asp file with this code 




' Remote Control Button *


' Original Code

' Sub Btnl_OnClick


'             Dim CompName,oWshShell

'             CompName = Trim(document.frmMain.txtValue.value)

'             If len(Trim(CompName)) = 0 then

'                         MsgBox "Please type a Machine Name.",,"SCCM 2007 Remote Control"

'             Else

'                         Set oWshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

'                         path = "\\OASCCM01\remote$\rc.exe"

'                      path & " 1 " & CompName & " \\OASCCM01\"

'             End If

' End Sub


'New Code


Sub Btnl_OnClick

            On error resume Next

            Dim CompName,oWshShell

            CompName = Trim(document.frmMain.txtValue.value)

            If len(Trim(CompName)) = 0 Then

                        MsgBox "Please type a Machine Name.",,"SCCM 2007 Remote Control"


                        Set objPing = GetObject("winmgmts://" & ServerName & "/root/default:PingPoller")

                        objPing.Ping CompName, "100", "1", PingResult

                        if PingResult <> 0 Then

                        MsgBox "Machine did not respond to ping.",,"Current Loggod on User"


                                    Set objSWbemServices = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & CompName & "\root\cimv2")


                                    Set colSWbemObjectSet = objSWbemServices.ExecQuery("Select * FROM Win32_OperatingSystem")

                                    For Each objSWbemObject In colSWbemObjectSet

                                    StrOS= objSWbemObject.Version


                        end If

            end If


            If StrOS = "5.0.2195" Then

                        Set oWshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

                        path = "\\OASCCM01\remote$\remote.exe"

                        'You will need to edit the following line to fit your environment.  SMSServer = Your SMS Server Name

                 path & " 2 " & addresses(ubound(addresses)) & " \\OASCCM01\",0,False


            Set oWshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

            path = "\\OASCCM01\remote$\rc.exe"

    path & " 1 " & CompName & " \\OASCCM01\"

            end If

End Sub


For more info on using the remote tool at command line review this: