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MDT 2012: New Features– GPO Packs - The Deployment Guys


MDT 2012: New Features– GPO Packs - The Deployment Guys - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

There are many new features of MDT 2012 but one that I particularly like is the ability to apply GPO Packs created using Security Configuration Manager (SCM) during the deployment process.

SCM is a great tool that allows you to create and manage group policy baselines in an easy to use interface. These polices are then able to be applied at the domain level or as  “Local GPO Packs”. MDT can now deploy these “Local GPO Packs” during deployment.

MDT provides four default GPO packs for the following operating systems that are applied by default during deployment. The correct GPO pack will be applied based on the operating system that is deployed. If an operating system matching the GPO pack is not found then no GPO Pack will be applied……

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