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SCCM Guru webcast coming up soon - Michael Niehaus

SCCM Guru webcast coming up soon - Michael Niehaus' Windows and Office deployment ramblings - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

As part of the BDNA “SCCM Guru” webcast series, I will be presenting on November 17th from 11:00am to 12:00pm Pacific time.  The topic of the presentation:

Inside a ConfigMgr 2012 OS Deployment Task Sequence

In this webcast with Michael Niehaus, Microsoft’s “Deployment Guy”, you will learn:

  • The inner workings of a task sequence, showing the various steps in the process
  • How information is passed to and between each step & what the steps do
  • How to troubleshoot when things don’t go as expected

I am planning to do something different for this session – with a week to go for preparation (and being on vacation for most of that time), it will be interesting to see how much of my “vision” I’ll be able to get ready in time.  (As an added complication, I will be presenting while jetlagged – I arrive back in Seattle the evening before, after a twelve-hour time change.  Don’t worry, I’ll have lots of caffeine handy.)

To register for the session, please visit this link:

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