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Reading and Modifying INI Files with Scripts

Michael Murgolo has a nice post on modifying INI files with scripts over on The Deployment Guys Blog. 

“The initialization or INI file format has been around a long time.  In early versions of Windows (especially Windows 3.x) INI files were used to store most Windows and application configuration information.  Even though the Windows Registry, XML files, and other formats have taken their place in many instances, INI files can still be useful.  For example, MDT uses INI files (CustomSettings.ini and Bootstrap.ini) to store rules processing instructions.  If you are not familiar with the INI file format, this Wikipedia article is a good introduction:

INI files are useful for storing information that is not too hierarchical.  They are also easy to read and edit with a text editor.  I still use them quiet a bit to store things like script configuration information.  Therefore, I often need to read and modify entries in INI files from my scripts.  In this post I will talk about some of the options for doing this with several Windows scripting languages.”

Read more here.


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