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MDT 2010 – Testing customsettings.ini rules

There is a very slick/simple way to process your customsettings.ini to see if your rules are processing the results you want.

All you need to do is create a folder called “zti_debug” or something and put the following files in that folder:

ztigather.wsf, ztigather.xml, ztiutility,vbs, ztidataccess,vbs, (copied from deploymentshare\scripts or your ConfigMgr MDT Scripts package) and your customsettings.ini

Also copy Microsoft.BDD.Utility.dll and put it on a \x86 folder, otherwise you will see "Can't load activex object result of missing Microsoft.bdd.utility.dll" in the logs.

Then i would create a batch file like this:


if exist c:\minint\nul rd c:\minint /s /q
cscript.exe ZTIGather.wsf /debug:true


Run that batch file and it will process your rules and spit out BDD.log and ZTIGather.log into the MININT\SMSOSD\Logs folder and you can see how things are being processed.  I usually just leave bdd.log open in trace32 and review it after every time i run it.

Hope this helps!


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