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Manipulating the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit database using PowerShell – Michael Niehaus

Great post from Michael over on his blog……

See his post for the complete info…

“A couple of weeks ago at the Microsoft Management Summit conference in Las Vegas, I demonstrated some PowerShell scripts for doing a variety of things.  I had promised to post those to my blog so that you could use them as well.  This is the first of those scripts, designed to help maintain the contents of the MDT database.  I have done some additional work on this one since I demonstrated it, and it’s now ready for your enjoyment.

This PowerShell script leverages the PowerShell 2.0 “advanced function” capabilities to write PowerShell cmdlets using PowerShell scripts – no compiled code is required.  That does mean that you must be running PowerShell 2.0 CTP3 or later (e.g. the version of PowerShell included in Windows 7).  There is no dependency on a particular version of MDT, so you can use this with MDT 2008, MDT 2010, or even BDD 2007 if you so choose.

The script files themselves are rather bare – lots of scripts, very few comments, and no documentation at all beyond what is in this blog post.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do those types of things.  It’s bad enough that the PowerShell module script has already grown to over 1,500 lines.”


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