[ConfigMgr 2012] Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for August

Just a quick heads up that the ConfigMgr Documentation Team have updated the Documentation Library for ConfigMgr 2012 with a whole bunch of new content. Checkout the following post from the ConfigMgr Team Blog for full details but underneath the link is a quick summary of the changes reproduced from the blog posting:


What's New in the Configuration Manager 2012 Documentation Library for August 2011

The following information lists the topics that contain significant changes since the July 2011 update.

What’s New in Configuration Manager

- Updated for various sections, including the information that the functionality of the server locator point is moved to the management point, changes to certificates and cryptographic controls, and information about support for mobile devices that were supported with Configuration Manager 2007 (now referred to as mobile device legacy clients).

PKI Certificate Requirements for Configuration Manager

- Updated for information about the server-to-server certificates and the information that many certificates now support SHA-2.

Planning for Site Systems in Configuration Manager

- Updated for database servers and custom websites.

Planning for Security in Configuration Manager

- Updated for planning information about certificates, and for signing and encryption.

Planning for Communications in Configuration Manager

- Updated for the Planning for Client Communication in Configuration Manager 2012 section, to include information about approval and waking up clients. Added a new section: Planning for Internet-Based Client Management.

Configuring Security for Configuration Manager

- New topic for how to configure certificate-related options, and signing and encryption.

Configuring Site Components in Configuration Manager

- New topic that contains configuration details for the component properties.

Technical Reference for Cryptographic Controls Used in Configuration Manager

- New topic that explains the security-related implementations in Configuration Manager 2012.

How to Manage Mobile Devices by Using the Exchange Server Connector in Configuration Manager

- Updated for information about how to manage mobile devices without installing the Configuration Manager client on them.

How to Manage Clients in Configuration Manager

- Updated for information about the various methods for managing clients after they are installed.

How to Manage AMT Provisioning Information in Configuration Manager

- Updated the procedure How to Remove AMT Information, with additional information about when to use the AMT Provisioning Removal Account.

AMT Provisioning Process for Out of Band Management in Configuration Manager

- Updated the technical reference topic with the flow of events that occur when Configuration Manager provisions a client for Intel AMT, so that the computer can be managed out of band.

Security and Privacy for Out of Band Management in Configuration Manager

- Updated for security best practices, security issues, and privacy information.

How to Create Mobile Device Configuration Items for Compliance Settings in Configuration Manager

- Updated for information about how to configure settings for the mobile devices that you enroll by using Configuration Manager 2012.

Asset Intelligence in Configuration Manager

- This section is updated for the following topics:

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