[MVP] MVP Summit 2011 - A Week in Review

Well as I sit here in Seattle Tacoma airport waiting for my flight back to Heathrow I thought I'd reflect on the past week. The sole purpose of my trip was to spend the week with the ConfigMgr Product Group as part of the MVP Summit where basically they show us all the cool stuff that is coming in the next version not only to try and get us up to speed but also to get our feedback and they do truly listen to us.

The MVP Summit is one of those "money can't buy experiences" and to me is one of the most prized benefits of being a ConfigMgr MVP. We have a great group of people not just in the Product Group but also in my fellow MVPs, all of whom it's been a pleasure to spend the week with.

A special thanks goes out to our MVP Lead Wally Mead for organising the week which went without a hitch.

So what did we learn/ see? Well the answer is plenty. Unfortunately I can't share any of it with you as all sessions are under NDA but what I will say is that CM12 will be the best version ever.

Sure there is going to be some "scary" stuff in there (I use the word "scary" as most folks view new stuff as "scary"), but no mountain is unsurmountable. There are also some improved features in there which along with the new stuff can only strengthen ConfigMgr and make it an even better product that we have today.

Many thanks to Wally and the Product Group and the wider MVP Summit folks for organising a truly memorable week, the closing party (at Safeco field) for me was the best ever MVP closing party so congrats and thanks for that.

Watch this space because as soon as we can start sharing anything we've seen this week then of course we will.

Right off to the Gate to spend the next 10 hours travelling back to Heathrow (when are they going to invent the Star Trek transporter?).


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Published Friday, March 04, 2011 7:05 PM by Cliff Hobbs - FAQShop.com and Microsoft MVP ConfigMgr/ SMS