[MVP] Packing for the MVP Summit Next Week

Well I'm in the middle of packing to venture over to Seattle tomorrow to attend the MVP Summit all of next week. To me this is one of best privileges of being a MVP - the opportunity to spend a week locked in the room with the Product Group and my fellow MVPs having a great time not only finding out what Microsoft has been doing with ConfigMgr 2012 but also it's a golden opportunity for us as MVPs to give our and your feedback to Microsoft which can end up in the product (yes they do listen).

So as well as packing I'm also backing up my brain ready for the deluge that will be thrown at it next week - all I can say is "bring it on baby".

Of course we'll share with you guys what we are allowed to once we get back (the majority of the information will be NDA though).

By looks of the weather though snow is forecast so it could be very chilly out there but hey I'm British and used to the cold stuff..!!

See you when I get back and don't forget there's still time to sign up for our Cloud Event next month, full details at:



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Published Friday, February 25, 2011 9:53 AM by Cliff Hobbs - FAQShop.com and Microsoft MVP ConfigMgr/ SMS