[MS KBs] New ConfigMgr KB Article 246008 - 11th November 2010

Microsoft has just released the following new KB article:


Asset Intelligence custom labels do not get replicated to child sites in System Center Configuration Manager 2007


Newly created custom labels are present in the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 central site however they do not show up on child sites. You do not see any replication related issues in any of the logs and the AIKBMGR.LOG does not show that an attempt is being made to replicate these objects. You may also see a message similar to the following in the AIKBMGR.LOG:

0 changes in range [0x00000000043744F8-0x000000000265AC79]

Note that the left HEX value in the range above is greater than the HEX value on the right. Also, whenever you make a change and a new message is generated, the right HEX value changes but is still smaller than the left HEX value.

I've updated the FAQShop List of ConfigMgr KB Articles page with this.

Published Thursday, November 11, 2010 3:48 PM by chobbs


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