[MS KBs] New KB Articles At Microsoft 24 Sep 2010

SQL Server 2008
2306162   FIX: Poor performance and some occasional non-yielding scheduler errors occur when you create a complex view that references a large amount of nested views or tables in SQL Server 2008
2384766   FIX: The ANSI_NULLS property of an indexed view is changed to FALSE after the indexed view is replicated to the subscription database in SQL Server 2008
2352413   FIX: Query failure and an "Invalid column name" error message occur when you run a linked server query to another instance of SQL Server 2008
2387686   FIX: "A MOF syntax error occurred" error message occurs when you try to install SQL Server 2008
2256829   FIX: A certain number of the last XML columns may not be replicated correctly if you use web synchronization for merge replication in SQL Server 2008
2261403   FIX: The "SQL Server:SSIS Pipeline 10.0" performance object does not appear in the "Performance object" list while another user accesses some SSIS pipeline counters in SQL Server 2008
2407172   FIX: An exception occurs before the error output for invalid data of an "XML Source" task is redirected in SSIS 2008
2278042   FIX: A derived column transformation may generate incorrect results in SSIS 2008 when a column is derived both in read-only usage and in read/write usage
2380435   FIX: The query plan for a stored procedure is not cached if the stored procedure uses a BLOB variable and the variable is used in a string function in Microsoft SQL Server 2008
2276717   FIX: Error code 1456 when you add a witness to a new database mirroring session that has the same database name as an existing database mirroring session in Microsoft SQL Server 2008
2380361   FIX: Error message when you run the "sp_createstats" stored procedure in SQL Server 2008 if the table contains a nondeterministic computed column
2297709   FIX: An error message may occur when you run a "BULK INSERT" query on a database that uses the "BULK_LOGGED" or "SIMPLE" recovery model in SQL Server 2008
2260502   FIX: Query performance decreases after you upgrade to SQL Server 2008 from SQL Server 2000 if the query uses a user-defined scalar function
2344600   FIX: "Non-yielding Scheduler" error may occur when you use the "CONTAINSTABLE" function together with many "OR" and "AND" predicates in SQL Server 2008
2028830   FIX: Shared components are installed in the wrong location when you implement a SQL Server 2008 Failover Cluster installation
2276330   FIX: The "CHANGETABLE" function is slow in SQL Server 2008
2379466   FIX: "0x84B10001" error code, SQL Server 2008 Setup failure, and an unhandled exception occur when you run SQL Server 2008 Setup

System Center Configuration Manager 2007
2419559   System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Management Point install fails on Windows Server 2008 with ╲The error code is 800CC801╡

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2
2419357   ConfigMgr 2007: WDS Multicast settings in the Distribution Point properties do not seem to apply

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