[TrainCert] SMS 2003 MCP Exam to Retire 31st October

I see that Microsoft has decided to retire the SMS 2003 MCP exam 70-089 (along with a bunch of others)  on the 31st October. Seems a bit strange to me personally as there are still LOTS of folks using SMS 2003 and personally I would have expected it to stick around until the v.Next exam is out.

So if you’re thinking of taking this exam then the clock is ticking. Here is a list of all the exams being retired:


Read the complete post at http://wmug.co.uk/blogs/cliffs_blog/archive/2010/05/14/traincert-sms-2003-mcp-exam-to-retire-31st-october.aspx

Published Friday, May 14, 2010 4:25 AM by Cliff Hobbs - FAQShop.com and Microsoft MVP ConfigMgr/ SMS
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