[MS KBs] New KB Articles At Microsoft 27 Jan 2010 - Weekly Summary

Internet Explorer 6.0

978207 MS10-002: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer

978722 After the installation of security update 974455 or 976325, Internet Explorer 6 may stop responding (hang) when accessing Web sites that provide compressed content

Outlook 2003

975916 The custom form of a meeting request is not used in the recipients' calendar in an Exchange Server 2007 environment

Outlook 2007

978803 Some formatting is not displayed or is displayed incorrectly when you preview an Office Word document that is attached to an e-mail message in Office Outlook 2007 or in Outlook 2010

SQL Server 2008

976899 FIX: A slipstream installation of SQL Server 2008 fails intermittently

976379 FIX: A performance issue occurs when you perform a partition merge operation to move data between partitions in SQL Server 2008

200953 No VSS writers are listed when you run vssadmin list writers on Windows Server 2008

977305 A Java application crashes when it connects to SQL Server 2008 by using Java Database Connectivity Driver 2.0

Systems Management Server 2003

974014 Compatibility Pack for SMS 2003 SP3 that adds Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 as supported clients

Windows Internet Explorer 8

978729 The Back button and the Forward button in Windows Internet Explorer 8 do not work correctly

979664 The BACKSPACE, DELETE, and TAB keys do not work in a customized Explorer Bar in Windows Internet Explorer 8

978723 Internet Explorer 8 opens a URL that links to a Microsoft Office file from the Temporary Internet Files folder

979672 A hyperlink in a 64-bit application starts a 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 8

979666 The cookie information for a domain is not displayed correctly in Windows Internet Explorer 8

978724 Windows Internet Explorer 8 crashes when you try to remove some add-ons by using the Manage Add-ons dialog box

979665 Error message in Mshtml.dll occurs when you use Windows Internet Explorer 8 on a computer that is running Windows 7: "Event ID: 1000"

978725 The Window.open method in a WebBrowser control application returns NULL in Internet Explorer 8

979667 A table that contains a People Picker control is not pasted correctly in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007

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