[Photography] Where I’ll be on Sunday: Architectural Interior Photography (Superclass) with Alan Carville

I can’t wait for Sunday as I’ll be attending an “Architectural Interior Photography (Superclass)” being run by Alan Carville who is

an award winning, internationally published and exhibited photographer located on the islands of Malta. Specialising in architectural interior and exteriors, his work has been exhibited in Canada, America, England, Malta, Australia, Japan, Egypt and China. His work is published monthly in leading local interior magazines.

I was lucky enough to meet Alan at the SWPP Convention last year and he blew me away with his knowledge of the subject and he’s a genuine, open and very helpful person. Plus he was telling me about the beautiful churches they have in Malta which has firmly planted it towards the top of my “Places to visit” list.

It looks like there may still be places on the course which is being run on Friday and Sunday. For full details goto:


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