[MMS] Call to Action - A Serious Poll with a Serious Outcome

Saw this on Rod’s blog which caught my attention and should also be of concern to anyone that uses the System Center products and has attended/ plans to attend MMS.

Now I fully appreciate Microsoft like any business has to re-evaluate everything it does including MMS because of the time and investment needed to make it work (I dread to think how much before and after planning goes into something this big). But to me doing away with MMS and merging it with TechEd would be a BIG mistake.

MMS is not just about being about getting access to System Center focused content and the people behind it. THE major benefit to me is the networking opportunities of being able to meet up with old and new friends alike who share a common bond of System Center products. If you dilute this by merging MMS with TechEd then to me you lose one of the key strengths the System Center family has over other vendors and that’s the amazing community it has behind it.

Anyway, below is Rod’s post with a link to the survey. It’s only 5 short  questions so please take a few moments to look at this as after all we don’t want to end up losing the one System Center focused event we have (give us MMS Europe I say):

We've posted a poll that really needs your attention.  Every couple years you hear rumors about how Microsoft wants to merge the highly successful MMS into TechEd, pushing the System Center products you know and love into a sort of obscurity and potentially turning technical MMS sessions into watered-down and diluted version at TechEd.  Personally, I would hate to see this happen.  I know most of you feel that way, too.  MMS has turned into a MUST-attend event every year for those who manage their environments.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD through this new poll.  Take the poll, add your comments - all of them.  Tell us how you feel about the ideas represented there.  And, then, pass it along to someone you know who would also love for their own voice to count.  If you need to, take your time to put all your thoughts into words and just let us know how you feel.

Here's the link:


Read the complete post at http://wmug.co.uk/blogs/cliffs_blog/archive/2009/05/07/mms-call-to-action-a-serious-poll-with-a-serious-outcome.aspx