[MS KBs] New KB Articles At Microsoft 5 May 2009 - Weekly Summary

.NET Framework 2.0

967622 The local credential is audited instead of the remote credential that you enter when you run an application that uses the System.Management namespace to connect to a remote computer

968556 FIX: The XslCompiledTransform.Transform method does not have an overload method that accepts both the XPathNavigator and XmlResolver objects as arguments in .NET Framework 2.0

Outlook 2007

968774 Outlook 2007 improvements in the 2007 Office suite Service Pack 2

968773 When Outlook 2007 is running in Cached mode, users do not see some new e-mail messages

969519 Error message when you create a profile in Outlook 2007 after you install the cumulative update that is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 961752: "Outlook cannot log on"

968918 The Change Calendar Time Zone button is removed in the Time Zone dialog box in Outlook 2007 after you apply the 2007 Office suite Service Pack 2

957324 Descriptions of the Business Contact Manager problems that are fixed in the 2007 Microsoft Office suite Service Pack 2

SQL Server 2005

970669 SQL Server 2008 specific folders are created on systems with SQL Server 2005 starting SP3 and above to prevent upgrade failures to SQL Server 2008 at a later time

967963 FIX: Some rows are deleted when you repair a database by using the Repair method together with the RepairOption.RecoverCorruptedRows option in SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition and in SQL Server Compact 3.5

970878 You may receive a "FCB::RemoveAlternateStreams: Operating system error " when starting up databases on an instance of SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008

970608 Updates to Microsoft SQL server 2008 will fail after an edition upgrade

970667 SQL Server 2008 setup may fail with "Setup Failure in SetupActionName: cusetfeatureinstallstateaction " error message

970771 SQL Server 2008 setup may fail with an unknown exception on MSVCR80.DLL

970876 You may get "Error 1316.A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file Path\SSCERuntime-ENU.msi" error message when you repair an instance SQL Server 2008

968543 FIX: Error message is logged in the SQL Server 2008 Errorlog file when you perform operations on some temporary tables in SQL Server 2008: "Time out occurred while waiting for buffer latch"

System Center Essentials 2007

970606 SCE 2007 - Computers and agents showing as Not Yet Contacted

970783 System Center Essentials 2007 installation may fail during Reporting installation due to proxy configuration

Visio 2007

963666 Description of the update for Visio 2007 Help: April 28, 2009

953327 Description of Office Visio 2007 SP2 and of Office Visio Language Pack 2007 SP2

969958 Description of the Visio 2007 hotfix package (Visio.msp): April 30, 2009

Windows Server 2003

960898 Name resolution is broken between a Windows Server 2003-based parent domain and its child domains, and among the child domains, when scavenging is configured on both the parent and child DNS zones

954913 COM+ server applications crash intermittently when you enable the /3GB parameter on a Windows Server 2003-based computer

959041 An unexpected error may occur when you shutdown a Windows XP- or Windows Vista-based computer.

968006 After you uninstall some software updates in Windows Server 2003 or in Windows XP, some assembly files still display the updated file version instead of the original file version

962910 After security update MS08-062 is installed on a print client, the client cannot print documents to a Windows Server 2003-based IPP print server if the related printer driver is not installed

955697 When you configure the “Filter packets by IP address” option in the DNS configuration in Windows Server 2003, the debugging log file does not include entries for the specified server

Windows Server 2008

970879 Blank Desktop on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

969707 Programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality after you install Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista or for Windows Server 2008

955430 Description of the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 installation software feature update released April 28, 2009

970875 Large Kerberos tokens cause WinRM requests to fail

970720 Updating a Windows Server 2008 installation with Service Pack 2 does not update the default power policy

960159 The 2008 update package for the Japanese postal code dictionary in the Japanese Input Method Editor is now available for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

967920 The application may not be started even if the HotStart button is pressed on a Window Vista-based computer if the date or the time is reset.

967533 In Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, some content does not display correctly in some applications when Aero desktop theme effects are enabled

970770 Differences in NTDS Writer PostSnapshot behavior on Server 2003 vs Server 2008

967257 Single sign-on for 802.1X authentication disables all non-SSO credential providers in Windows Vista and in Windows Server 2008

Windows Update

970675 You receive error code 0x6d9e when using the Windows Update or Microsoft Update web sites to install SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3

970674 You receive error code 0x2b2f when using the Windows Update or Microsoft Update web sites to install SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 on a computer with MSXML6 Service Pack 2 already installed

Windows Vista Enterprise

968279 Error message when you try to install Windows Vista Service Pack 2: "One or more system components that the service pack requires are missing"

970646 Multi-frame JPEG Support for imaging applications using the Windows Imaging Component (WIC)

970610 An extra character might be displayed during OOBE for Traditional Chinese Windows Vista

Windows XP Service Pack 2

958259 Some embedded OLE objects that you created in Office 2008 for Mac cannot be edited in an installation of Office that is running on a Windows XP-based computer

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