[MMS] MMS Alumni help needed at Freshmen Orientation sessions

My good friend Warren Byle has devised and been running a Freshman’s Orientation which is one of the very first sessions at MMS to help newbies (and oldies alike), get an understanding of what to expect at MMS, how it works, things to look out for and a whole bunch of tips that prove invaluable.

One part of the session I think is great is volunteers from the various countries/ regions stand around the outside of the room and Warren introduces each person and their region so once the session is over people can go and stand with other people from their country/ region.

GREAT way to meet folks from your part of the world and network.

Now unfortunately I can’t make MMS this year so can’t help Warren out and I know he needs other country/ region volunteers so if you can help ping me a mail and I’ll pass your details on him.

Safe trip if you’re going to MMS (commiserations if you’re not we can mope around together next week) and don’t have too much fun ;-)

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