[1E] Register for the NightWatchman 5.5 Launch Webinar

In case you’re not aware of NightWatchman it’s 1E power management tool that can help you manage the complexity of powering down the machines in your estate thus reducing your power consumption which can result in some significant cost savings (and help your green credentials).

On the 21st and 28th of this month 1E are hosting a webinar to launch their new version of the product details below. See you on the 28th for those signing up for that one (I can’t do tomorrow because of the Monrthly MVP call with the ConfigMgr Product Group).

NightWatchman 5.3

Cut IT operating costs with NightWatchman 5.5

Dear Cliff,

As an existing customer, I would like to invite you to attend a ‘live’ webinar about the launch of NightWatchman 5.5. This online event will allow you to gain an insight into the significant new features that further reduce IT operational costs, energy and carbon footprints. The new release also includes feature enhancements that simplify systems management and provide a better user experience.

New features in NightWatchman 5.5 include

Central Console – Designed to provide the simplest mechanism and improved control over your NightWatchman installation. You can continue to use existing methods to manage NightWatchman clients, use the NightWatchman Console or a combination depending on your needs and environment.

Sleepless Client Detection – NightWatchman can now detect PCs which waste energy by not entering low power states when they should. The Administrator is made aware of what is keeping machines awake and given the opportunity to allow or disallow this from happening in the future.

Maintenance Windows – NightWatchman now allows you to set a daily maintenance window. The machine will wake up for a length of time (usually at night) in order to allow scheduled maintenance to run, and then go back into a low power state.

Alarm Clock – Increase user productivity by synchronizing PC power up with the start of the working day. PCs only remain powered on if user presence is detected.

Keep Active – Allows users to ensure their PC remains available to execute tasks while they’re away.

Integration with 1E WakeUp – If you have the Power & Patch Management Pack (NightWatchman plus 1E WakeUp) then you can make use of the best in class Wake-On-LAN and Computer Health support of 1E WakeUp without requiring SMS or ConfigMgr.

Register for a free webinar
Attend a ‘live’ webinar and discover the new features and benefits of NightWatchman 5.5 for yourself. The 1 hour webinar will allow you to learn directly from a 1E Solutions Engineer and provides the opportunity to ask questions.



January 21 or 28, 2009



4.00 pm (UK Time)

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Yours sincerely,
Courtney Austin
Marketing Manager, 1E

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