[Misc] End of an era?..

I love Server Management Magazine to which I’ve been a subscriber since the days of when it was BackOffice Magazine and of course I’ve been lucky enough to write a few articles for them (including one on BDPs), and I hope I have the opportunity to write many more in the future.

So I was a little sad when a flyer fell out of the latest edition saying this would be the last printed copy of the magazine with future issues being available online only :-(

Now personally I HATE to read things onscreen and I’d rather not print them out and them read them. I’d far rather take a magazine that I can read in a place of my choice at a time that I want and the whole physical magazine/ book experience just “feels right” to me.

I like to be able to dive in and read the Systems Management column every month first but I also like to read it cover to cover even if it’s just scanning the other sections to see what’s in them and what the other technology areas on reporting on. I also like the fact that articles aren’t rammed full of adverts which interrupts the flow like some online mags. I just hope Kay and the Team are reading this and don’t go down that path with the online version (I guess time will tell).

Now of course in these unprecedented times of financial hardship and with everyone trying to do their bit for the environment (and rightly so), then of course there are substantial savings to be made in not physically producing a magazine and mailing it out every month.

However, I’m just wondering how many others “out there” feel the same as me or maybe I’m in the minority? Don’t worry I’m not going to stop reading Server Management Magazine (whereas some others might as it’s not going to be dropping through their letterbox every month), as I get a great deal of value from it and I’d certainly recommend it to others.

So if you’ve not signed up for one of the best FREE magazines (although I guess it should be ezine now) then just pop over to:


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