[SMS] What’s your alternative?..

… meaning of the “SMS” acronym?

There is of course “Software Moving Slowly”.

I like the suggestion made by my colleague Rob Thomas many years ago “Send More Squirrels” (damn useful creatures at times – just ask Willy Wonka (although I prefer the original not the remake)).

My submission would be “Serious Migraine Stuff” as sometimes trying to work out what SMS is doing (or not) can drive you barmy. But whatever I call it I do love SMS/ ConfigMgr – I can’t explain why, I’m just passionate about it.

As Yoda once said “once down the path of SMS begin you, forever will it dominate your destiny”.

Now it does make you wonder if one of THE reasons why Microsoft changed the product name to System Center Configuration Manager was to try to see how clever folks could be with new takes on the acronym so get your thinking caps on (oops I mean hats as there are no more CAPs in ConfigMgr – sorry bad joke), and let me know your suggestions.

Ah SMS has finished now just as I was about to pop a migraine tablet – maybe the 7th Squirrel Calvary has arrived…

Published Tuesday, November 25, 2008 4:38 AM by chobbs


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