[Gadgets] Microsoft’s Arc Mouse…

Now this seems a pretty cool new gadget from Microsoft, a desktop sized mouse that hinges to become the size of a notebook mouse (the pic below shows it hinged closed).


My prime concern about this (other than the garish other colour it’s available in “to suit your style”), is that if you put any pressure on the hinged part it could potentially break.


Now I’m sure that the designers have thought about this and most folks probably don’t exert that much pressure on the mouse itself (other than when they get annoyed about something). That being said though, just because you THINK someone is going to use something in the same way isn’t always the case (brings back memories of one user the first time I gave her a PC with a mouse she put the mouse on the floor as thought she had to use it like a sewing machine peddle).

Will I be getting one? Nah, I’m sticking with my Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000.

More info on the Arc TM Mouse here:


Published Monday, November 10, 2008 8:51 AM by chobbs
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