[ConfigMgr] New FAQShop Article 31/10/08

All about Branch Distribution Points [31/10/08]
Contributed By: Cliff Hobbs [MVP ConfigMgr/ SMS]
Branch Distribution Points (BDPs), are a new Site System role introduced in ConfigMgr 2007 but trying to get to grips with exactly what they are, how to use them, whether you should use them, nuances, etc. can be a bit daunting.

Well not any longer as I hope this article I wrote for Server Management Magazine will make things a LOT clearer. I'd love to get your feedback on this and my other Server Management articles which you can access from the Server Management Magazine Articles page, a link to which is provided at the foot of the ConfigMgr section Home page.

Published Friday, October 31, 2008 3:13 AM by chobbs
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