[ConfigMgr] Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Released to Manufacturing

Just seen this on The App-V blog:

"It is with great enthusiasm that the Microsoft Application Virtualization product team announces the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) of App-V 4.5!!! App-V 4.5 represents a huge step forward for the product and is the result of many hours of hard work by all of us on the team. Our TAP customers (selected customers who work closely with us to deploy the product into production prior to its final release) and our internal Microsoft IT team have already successfully deployed the product in production to more than 70,000 seats! We are very excited that all of our customers will soon be able to use App-V 4.5 to improve the way that they distribute and run applications in their environments!..."

"What is App-V 4.5 all about?

There’s so much in this release that I can’t do it all justice in this blog post. Instead, I’d like to focus below on a few of the big feature areas we had with the release. For the complete details of what App-V is all about, especially if you are new to the product, please see the App-V product web page. Also look to this blog for future postings by the product team."

Published Wednesday, September 03, 2008 5:41 PM by chobbs


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